We own and operate subsidized apartments in Appleton, Kimberly, Seymour and Hortonville.

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The Outagamie County Housing Authority is a public body, corporate and politic, duly created, organized and existing under the provisions of Wisconsin state statutes.  It was created by the Outagamie County Board in 1972 with a mandate to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing for low and moderate income persons.  Five commissioners, appointed by the County Executive, and confirmed by the County Board, set policy for the programs in which the Authority becomes involved.

The Authority's primary mission is to assist County residents in meeting their housing needs.  It serves by offering subsidized housing to qualified applicants, and, through its staff, continues to explore housing options for all segments of the community.  It accepts responsibility for the coordination of services to housing development residents, and actively cooperates with local agencies whose objectives parallel or impact upon its own.

The Authority Commissioners are unanimous in their commitment to the search for housing alternatives.  They have empowered staff to study, analyze and report its findings in the areas of marketability, financing and provision of structures and services so that a continuum of care can be provided for those with unmet needs

Outagamie County Housing Authority supports equal housing opportunities for all persons.

Outagamie County Housing Authority

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