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NAHBRS is a non-profit agency that strives to meet the housing services and needs of the low-income people of our community.  NAHBRS strives to be creative and leverage collaborations and partnerships to keep costs low and deliver quality services.  NAHBRS was formerly known as Outagamie Senior Housing Inc. and has changed to meet a broader base clientele and adopt the platform of a public charity. NAHBRS is unique in its relationship with the Outagamie County Housing Authority who provides office space, technical support and management support at no cost.  This demonstrates the Outagamie County Housing Authorities commitment to low-income housing and NAHBRS initiative to collaborate with other agencies.


To provide housing services and programs to the low-income people of the Fox Valley Community.


To collaborate with housing agencies, community service organizations and local businesses to provide services and programs by seeking community support and fostering partnerships.


NAHBRS programs include:

  1. Transportation Program

  2. Nurse Advocate Program

  3. Affordable Housing

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