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Insulation Installation


Discover the Benefits of Weatherizing Your Home!

Determining What Services we Perform


To determine what weatherization measures we may perform, a certified Energy Auditor visits the home to assess its characteristics.


The auditor inputs the gathered information into our energy audit program. The program then provides information to the auditor about whether the proposed work is cost-effective enough to complete. These may include:

  •   Attic and Wall Insulation

  •   Replacement or Repair of:

    •   Furnace

    •   Water Heater

    •   Refrigerator/Freezer

  •   Lighting

  •   Ventilation

  •   Air Sealing


Any weatherization measure being installed requires enough future energy savings to pay for its cost. This means that some measures, such as window and door replacements, commonly cannot be performed.

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