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Jean Sternig, RN, BSN

NAHBRS and The Outagamie County Housing Authority provides a Nurse Advocate who meets the health needs of the community by being a bridge between health/social services and the community and provides whole person health care.

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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

How I can help


Health Educator and Counselor

Help residents understand their health condition(s) and develop strategies to improve their health and wellbeing. Promote wellness within the community and provide emotional support, focusing on needs and concerns and follow-up.


Health Advocate


Referral Agent

Help the community to identify, understand and effectively use health care and social service agencies. Ensure that residents receive the care they need.


Integrator of Faith and Health:

Assist resident to achieve higher levels of wellness by improving their emotional and physical health. Enhance and promote understanding of the relationship between faith, health and lifestyle


Support Group Facilitator:

Based on the needs within the community, develop and facilitate group-based support sessions.

Note: The Outagamie County Housing Authority Nurse Advocate is not a physician and cannot provide a medical diagnosis or treatment, cannot dispense medications or provide care treatment ordered by a physician. The Nurse Advocate is not a licensed therapist and cannot provide physical, occupational, speech or psychological therapy.

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Phone: 920.585.3865
The Nurse Advocate office is located at Randall Court, Crescentview, Pinewood and Hillside apartments.

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